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Client Reviews…

“As the author of the book, ‘The Wedding M.C.’ (now celebrating it’s 25th year!) I have seen a great many weddings and I’ve yet to see any company that can read the crowd so well and keep all of the age groups happy.”

Tom Haibeck – Haibeck Communications – Author of: “The Wedding MC” & his latest release “Wedding Toasts Made Easy” (We purchased the digital rights to this book and send it to you so you can share it with any/or all of your guests)

Creative DJ made our wedding amazing, Scott was incredible and so easy to work with. We had 2 meetings prior to our wedding to discuss what we wanted. He listened and made me feel very confident that we were all on the same page. The day of the wedding went just as good. He showed up early, had everything set up on time and was absolutely amazing. They played all our requested songs and everyone at our wedding complimented the music and Scott himself. If you’re looking for a great, reliable DJ this is your company! I’d definitely use them again for any upcoming events! Cody & Alanah June 2017

Since our first sit down with you; you have been a blessing! Lisa and I both said you are WAY more than just a DJ service. You had so many amazing tips, pointers, and fresh ideas! You gave me a few pointers I incorporated in my speech, you had great song ideas and we loved hearing your input on common mistakes made at Wedding Ceremonies and Parties.
We look forward to booking Brad again for a awesome Party. He was a fantastic addition to our wedding.
Absolutely positively, without a doubt will we recommend your services again!!

Thanks Again

Scott and Lisa Seinen        November 26, 2016 wedding


Hi Scott, the wedding was a huge success … a 10 out of 10 … in part, (a big part) due to the music and having Ward as our DJ. Everyone commented on how great the playlist was and it was shown by the number of people on the dance floor for the entire night. I loved the background music as well, and have a special memory of sitting at the registry table and listening to Adele’s Make Me Feel Your Love … relaxed and taking the moment in. You and Ward made things so easy for us, right from the initial meeting months ago to the end of the evening. Ward was great at helping me organize the dance with my Mom. We really appreciate you letting us provide our song choices in advance, along with a couple requests during the evening. Thank you for everything.
Ann and Marc – July 16/16 – Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

Scott Barratt with Creative DJ Services blew our wedding music “Sky high” this past July!
The fireworks sounds after we said our wedding vows was such a fun idea suggested by Scott.
Kids & adults alike danced from beginning to end at our reception!
Everyone loved the music, props & festive feel during the entire evening.
We can’t imagine having anyone else supply our wedding music but Scott & Creative DJ Services!
Scott was so experienced, thorough & professionl & delivered everything as promised.
We would not hesitate to recommend Scott & his team!
Diane Sobotin – (Jigsaw wedding)- Surrey BC

We had a blast!!! Our wedding was better than we ever thought it could be! We had the best time and so did our guests. Thank you so much for going above and beyond for us and for taking a video. Ryan & Caitlynn Needoba, Executive Inn, Burnaby, June 11, 2016

We are more than pleased with the service that was provided. Derek was awesome and his music choices were spot on for the event. He was also extremely helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure having him as the dj for our wedding. Thanks so much for everything and we will be sure to recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Thanks so much,

Lee & Leah Baker – May 21, 2015 wedding at Shaughnessy Restaurant in Vancouver

Kaleb said … We got married in early October , Scott was absolutely fantastic and helpful from the beginning. He introduced us to his employee who was supposed to be our DJ, we also met with Scott over coffee so he could explain and bounce ideas off of us with how the night would go. He gave us help with organizing the timeline, a run through of games, and helped setup music. An absolute professional! Last minute things changed and Scott did our Dj instead of the fellow who worked for him. We were happy that the change happened. Scott was able to cut some of the dance songs short that we had asked, did an amazing job on MC, and once the party started boy did it start. People were on the dance floor all night. Wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to do our wedding, my wife and I are extremely pleased. Have got nothing but complements since the wedding ended on the music and how the night flowed perfectly and nothing seemed to drag on. Was over in the blink of an eye. Thank you Scott for amazing work, would recommend him to anyone.  

Wedding – October 3rd, 2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Danielle said … 
Enjoyed meeting Scott Barratt and upon reading his very informative material we realized we were going to have a successful finish. We saw him at our company Christmas party and he was wonderful so we hired him first thing. He and his partner Brad were very professional and they helped make our wedding a huge hit and a worry free evening. 

Wedding: 08/15/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Aref said … Outstanding at combining English and Persian music and kept both groups happy all night we couldn’t ask for more than that. It was a spectacular success!

Wedding – Aref Hosseini – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Jarod said … WOW WOW WOW!!! That is what I heard non-stop through my wedding. Everyone had a blast and Creative DJ Services really made for a spectacular night! You guys were the best in every way!

Wedding – 05/23/15 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Cindy said … Scott was FANTASTIC! He was our DJ for our wedding. He was hilarious! He made us laugh, had everyone’s full attention, played awesome songs that everyone enjoyed dancing too, basically Scott made our wedding a day we will always remember.  

Wedding – 05/16/15 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0



Angelica said … From the first meeting we knew you people were the perfect fit and we are so glad that we chose you. Exceptional service!! Derek was remarkable and so were you Scott!

Wedding –  05/01/15 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0 


Erica said … 
They were absolutely amazing! Scott met with us on a few different occasions to plan our wedding/music. However, he took interest in us as a couple and cared about our wedding as a whole, not just the music aspect. He has been a part of many MANY weddings and he has seen what works and what doesn’t and he did not hesitate to share his ideas with us about what we could do to make our wedding more fun and memorable! Scott is fantastic! Brad was our DJ for the wedding and I only met him that day so I did not get to talk to him very much, but the music was perfect! It all went well with our wedding, and they had props for the YMCA which was a blast and when he spoke to us and did “guess that song” for which table was up next to eat, it was fun! I definitely recommend using Creative DJ Services for your wedding, if you are on a smaller wedding budget like us, this is one of the aspects to put out more money for! It truly makes the night!

Wedding: 08/14/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Levi said … 
Super fast service, they were so nice that we’ve become friends, we also loved that Scott really listened to what we wanted and especially what we didn’t want and put together our wedding that was the Best!!

Wedding: 08/02/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Jacob said … 
The most amazing wedding and you guys did it all. It was exactly what we wanted but way better and its from you being so involved and handling the planning for us. We laugh about what we would’ve had compared to what we had thanks to you guys. Brad was awesome and killed it and Scott probably has to be the best planner in the business. We will recommend you to everyone for sure.

Wedding: 08/01/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Susie said … 
Scott did an amazing job with our wedding! From the beginning he helped me frame what the evening would look like, and took my scattered ideas and made them come to life. From the few music suggestions I gave him, he built an evening of everything I wanted to hear at my wedding, and I got so many compliments from the other guests about how great the music was. People stayed on the dance floor the entire night, and everyone had a great time. Thanks again Scott! Even 2 months later, Pete and I are still talking about what a great night it was!

Wedding: 07/23/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Jenna said … Has to be the best wedding DJ service there is. Always there for you with advice and Scott knows more about weddings than anyone else we dealt with. Funny, a blast to work with and we’d give them 10 stars if it was allowed. Do yourself a favor and have Scott & Derek make your wedding special like they did for us. You’ll be glad you did!!!!!

Wedding: 07/03/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Chanelle said … 
Love love love you guys! When my sister get’s married she’s getting Scott for her wedding and we can’t wait to read his new book. The fishing rod entrance was a hoot, giant dice, all the surprises and Scott even custom-made a song for our first dance. People still talk about how ours was the best wedding every and it’s thanks to you guys!!

Wedding: 06/13/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Taylor said … 
5 star service all the way. We were delighted by the level of excellence in the service. Scott was professional and charming and exceptionally informative. He answered our questions and then brought up things we hadn’t even thought of yet. Highly recommended!!!!

Wedding: 06/13/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Private User said … 
We were so pleased with Scott and Creative DJ Services at our wedding. Scott is very personable and professional and made the planning of the evening so simple. He had lots of great ideas for help with MC duties and creative ideas to keep the reception moving and interesting. When the dancing started, he had everyone on the floor for the entire evening. Many guests didn’t want to leave because they were having such a great time! Many thanks, Scott, for being such a fantastic addition to our celebration!

Wedding: 05/02/2015 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Your music and all of the games were a huge hit so thanks to you and Brad in contributing to the event’s success. Kathleen Bacha – Kirk Marketing – Xmas Party – November 28th, 2014

Thanks so much to Brad of Creative DJ Services for doing such a bang-up job with both the music and DJ services! Smart Biker Magazine/Cooper’s Foods 2nd Annual Show n Shine, July 11, 2015

“Ward is very nice and easy to work with. The crowd had a really good time and danced the whole night. Thanks for everything.” Shervin Nowtash – Sinclair Dental Grad Party – April 18, 2015

Right from the start we felt like we were in good hands. We contact them and they got back to us immediately while others took in some cases days to respond. They were always there for us and really let us relax because we could just tell that they knew exactly what they were doing and everything was going to be a success. highly recommended!

Aurora – 08/03/2014 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


My Husband always said that music was one of the most importnt things about the wedding. After meeting with you we realized that there is actually a ton of other things that came into play. If it wasn’t for you guidance our wedding wouldn’t have been half of what it was. The questions you were asking us were things that we never would have thought of and our wedding would have suffered for it. As it was everything was perfect it couldn’t have been better and we really can’t thank you enough for everything you did and the patience you showed and just being so nice about everything. We look back on September 13th and just smile.

Joanie’s wedding – 09/13/14 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Excellent dee jay services, Loved the fact that they were always there for us with answers and just helping us relax and stop worrying. The best for sure!

Bianca and Tre – Wedding: 09/12/2014 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


We had been to a few weddings before we started planning our own and the one thing we found the most inconsistent was DJ’s They all were not equal actually most didn’t seem to care whether people were dancing . We knew we needed Scott to be our Dj after seeing his working the crowd and a great play list complemented with his interaction to the guest and we had real fun ( My now Husband is hard to please and not easy to get dancing ) So glad that we hired Creative Dj Services I was worried at first when Scott was unable to be our DJ but he assured us we would be just as pleased with Brad. How nice it was to hear from our guests as to how much fun they had at our wedding. Working with both Scott and Brad put us at such ease and confidence it proved to be the perfect match we needed and wanted Thank you for a great night of music and entertainment.

Bridget and Alex Lee – Wedding: 11/29/2014 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0

Scott was the DJ at our wedding in September of 2014 and he did a fantastic job. From the first time we contacted him to the day of our wedding, he made things easy and smooth.
Scott did more than an average DJ. He helped us think of things we hadn’t considered for our wedding and we even rearranged our timeline based on his feedback.
In terms of DJing, he was flawless. The ceremony music was done excellently and even though we did not provide him much guidance, he read the crowd and played exactly the right music.

Wedding: 09/20/2014 – Matt & Yuliya at Hollyburn Country Club – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Quite possibly the best decision of our entire wedding was hiring the Creative DJ Services. Loved working, with them they were so accommodating, friendly and helpful that they had an immense impact on our day and even the months leading up to it. I know I would have been a stress case but I would just call Scott and by the time I hung up I knew everything was okay and the day was going to be perfect. Ward was excellent A+++++++++


Stellar job boys we couldn’t be happier with you supporting us, educating us and just generally making us feel good through the whole process. You done us proud and just like you said our wedding is the best we’ve ever been to! Best of luck to all of you! Clay & Tash

  • Wedding: 10/11/2014 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Our wedding was the party of the summer! I want to thank Scott for sharing his experience and collaborating with us to create a unique and fun wedding and Derek our DJ for getting everyone moving! Hiring a DJ for a wedding is so much more than finding a guy to play a playlist of songs you like. Creative DJ Services really work with you to create the perfect moments and moods that are sure to be memorable. Scott highlighted that every event during the wedding is an opportunity to leave an impression – from the wedding party entrance to the last song – they set the tone and energy in the room. So we worked together on it and on the day of our wedding we were confident that it would be a great party! We can’t thank them enough, it was an amazing night! James & Sheri’s Wedding – August 30th, 2014 – West Langley Hall – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0

Thank you for the fantastic DJ job that you did on Friday at the wedding. We so appreciate all that you did to make the extremely
challenging logistics work. It certainly took all of us to work together under tense circumstances. In the end our determination to include the power point and a video from different computers in different parts of the room prevailed and everything worked. An inexperienced DJ would not have been able to roll with the punches like you did including, I’m told that there wasn’t even a table set up for you when you arrived. Then you pulled off an impromptu request to play music that was on a personal CD that my niece’s from the Ottawa Valley could step dance to. The crowd loved it and we were really appreciative that you could review the music and have it playing within minutes> What was awesome (at least your appearance) was to hold it together and keep everyone else calm. Scott, I’m sure you are told how awesome you are all the time but I really mean it. When I woke up this morning I thought, you are a gymnast – you jumped through hoops with ease.

Thank you again, Susan Parslow of Scott & Miranda Parslow’s wedding – July 4th, 2014 in the Langley Greenhouse – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0

We are both absolutely DELIGHTED with our wedding. We were both kind of worried because neither of our families are super big partiers and then it was on a Sunday and lots of people had to work the next day. Scott told us not to worry that and that everything was going to be okay and sure enough he was right. He brought lots of fun during dinner which set the tone, just like he said it would. Then he did his snowball dance that got everyone of our guests on the dance floor. We were praying that it wouldn’t end too early. Well they actually had to kick us out at the end, we were still going. People are all telling us what a blast they had. Thank you thank you thank you for making our wedding because you did!!!
Rob & Stephanie Nelson –  Wedding: 11/03/2013 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


Once again we had Creative DJ Services entertain the troops at our year end celebration and they did a bang up job. Everyone especially loved turning the Managers into giant balloon creatures. Too much fun Thanks for the great service! Looking forward to seeing you again for Christmas 2014!

Tania Mordaunt Chairwoman – Kirk Marketing


Just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to say thank you so much
for the music at our wedding! It was SO much fun! Everyone could not
believe the dance floor and how it never cleared.. and that was
largely due to your music you played so thank you very much!!

Michelle Fadden – Wedding 16/03/13 – Quality of Service: 5.0 – Responsiveness: 5.0 – Professionalism: 5.0 – Value: 5.0 – Flexibility: 5.0


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your fabulous
DJ Service on Saturday night!  You definitely got everyone involved
and up dancing.  I must say I was a little worried at first when we
had those empty tables. I thought people would just dine and dash.
But everyone stayed and danced until the bitter end.  There are a few
people walking around with sore legs today. The balloon game was an absolute riot.  And I loved the hats for the
YMCA dance. I will definitely recommend Creative DJ Services and will definitely call you for next year. Thank you again and Merry Christmas.

Julie Strukoff – Valmont West Coast Engineering Xmas Party – December 21st, 2013 – New Westminster Quay Waterfront Hotel


It was great to have Creative DJ Services as part of our Holiday celebrations again. I know our partner appreciated being introduced as Darth Vader! You always make it a party!

Liz Melo – McElhanney Christmas celebration at Morgan Creek on November 30, 2013

November 16, 2013

Everyone said they had an excellent time with great music and felt that you did a wonderful job of gauging the crowd and I agree. The Rheema Village People’s performance on the stage was a hoot thanks so much for that! Thank you for making it a memorable event for us. Hopefully we can see you next year!

Julie Pellizarri – Rheema Health Products

Thanks so much for doing such and awesome job for my son’s wedding reception at the Heritage Hall on Main Street in Vancouver.
Your passion for what you do shone through. You made our day so special and for that we
will forever be grateful. I’d recommend you to anyone!
Thanks again,
Pesi Unwalla



<img src="baby-crying.jpg" alt="Grey Cup fan dancing" />

Vancouver’s Creative DJ Services loves the Grey Cup & were honored to host the Toronto Argos and their Argonaut fan parties.







November 16, 2013

It was a great party on Saturday night … everyone had a great time.
Brad was fantastic!!!  We already would like to request him next year,
he read the crowd perfectly and music selection was bang on.
Thanks for the great party!

Donna Lawrence – IT Manager Dynamic Structures / Dynamic Attractions – Port Coquitlam

Scott took care of our annual Office Halloween Party, had a ton of interactive games and was great with the crowd. He was even having so much fun that he stayed an extra hour!!! The music library and his knowledge of all the oldies to the new hip tracks of today was phenomenal!!! See you next year Scotty B!!!!
Greg Wilson – Hallmark Capital – October 31/13 Halloween Party

To Scott & Chris – Thank you so much for contributing to the success of our wedding celebration. People LOVED the music Derek played and had a wonderful time dancing into the night!

Chad & Larissa Rutquist
From the beginning when we were planning to the end when the dancing finished and it was time to call it a night, Creative DJ services was there for us every step of the way!!! Their awesome ideas and willingness to work with us made the planning smooth and enjoyable!!! The wedding was exactly as planned and the music added the perfect touch we needed to make our night magical!!!Thank you so much again for everything you guys do! You ROCK!
Melanie Belanger September 27/13 wedding – Harrison Hot Springs Resort



Brad was an amazing DJ. The dance floor was packed all night and everyone had a great time. From my first contact with Scott he gave me a ton of feedback to help me plan the most amazing evening and he gave me great ideas to keep everyone entertained throughout the evening. Thank you Scott and Brad for helping us throw a great party!     Kumi – Squamish Round House Wedding: 09/07/2013




Scott was the man!!!!!! He did an awesome job and was very accommodating to our guests music requests as well as having many great wedding ideas and suggestions. He was very professional, friendly and I would highly recommend him to friends or family for their special events as well we would love to do business with him again down the road.

Daren & Margaret Hudon – Wedding – Queens Park – New Westminster – September 7, 2013


I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all that you did to make our wedding fun, special and seamless. Your services were much appreciated and we were so happy with everything. We got a lot of compliments about your MCing and DJing. So thanks again for all that you did, you were a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t be happier with how perfect everything went!

Stephanie Herringer – Wedding – Aldergrove July 27, 2013


Fantastic DJ!!! We have guests still telling us our wedding reception was the best they have ever been too!!!! Great DJ, played great music and Scott lets you pick and plan exactly how you want it!!!

Kristin Lazuruk     July 21, 2013


Scott barret was the absolute best dj I have ever had the pleasure working with we were so glad we had chosen him

Jonathon McQueen – Wedding – Centennial Lodge – June 29, 2013


Scott was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. He met with us multiple times to discuss the rundown of our reception. We had an amazing evening with great music throughout the night. All our guests enjoyed it greatly as well. I would recommend Scott and Creative in a heartbeat.

Jermyn & Tracy Wong – Wedding July 21, 2013


Creative DJ Services responded with the following comments: Thanks so much for sharing with us Jermyn and thanks so much for being so gracious to work with. I didn’t know you were such a party-guy lol


Everyone raved about the DJ, the Games, the announcing everyone said it was far and away the best they’d seen.
Sue re: Mike & Chantalle Phillips wedding – Wedding – Whonnock Lake Hall – September 28, 2013

Thanks Sue for the kind words. It was going to be a challenge to design a reception as big as the immense personalities of Mike & Chantalle but it worked out great! Never a dull moment that’s for sure. lol After 1000 + weddings that is STILL the only one with a dinner of scrambled eggs, sausages and waffles!!! lol


Scott was a breath of fresh air to work with during the wedding planning process! He made it so fun and provided so much more than DJ services! He really considers you as a couple and your whole event! His DJ, Brad, was great on the day too!!! 🙂 Highly recommend! Ashley Cantafio  Wedding: 08/31/2013


We had a very specific song agenda and Scott from Creative DJ Services was able to see it through to the end! He played all the right songs at all the right times. Not to mention played a great selection of songs for the dance floor that got people moving.

Derek & Megan Schultz Wedding –  08/23/2013 – Mt. Lehman Winery – Abbotsford, B.C.


J and L sit











WOW! Thank you so much for last night! So pleased with everything. We will definitely be recommending your company for any friends / family getting married.
Leah & Jamie Heriot
“This wonderful couple are oval track lovers. In fact it’s hard to believe that beautiful bride Leah grew up in the dirt at Skagit Speedway!” As you can see in the pic below she cleaned up VERY well! lol Creative DJ Services


Dance floor was packed all night. Music for EVERYBODY in the crowd played ALL the songs you’d asked for. Scott’s planning made our wed 10x better than it would’ve been!!!                                                                                Jason & Carley Wedding: 07/26/2013


We were so pleased to work with Scott and Creative DJ Services for our wedding. We felt completely at ease with Scott’s professionalism and dedication. All our guests had a great time dancing the night away and commented on how great our DJ Brad was. Thank you!

Sarah Ellery (Large) – Wedding: 08/17/2013


My wife and I hired Creative DJ Services to run the reception for our wedding. From the first meeting, through the actual event, our DJ Scott made the entire experience easy and painless for us. He truly was “creative” in his approach to designing and planning a perfect wedding reception. He had a lot of original ideas, and was very willing to work with us to design an event that fit our personality. We got much more than just someone who played music for us; we got an entertaining MC for our reception. It was an excellent value!                                                       Josh Lytle – Wedding – Harrison Hot Springs Resort


The free planning was probably the thing that transformed our night as we had no idea about any of the things they taught us. Then our dj Brad was so amazing we knew he had 25 years experience and you could tell – dance floor bouncing from start to finish – do yourself a favor if you’re planning your wedding hire these guys.

Kris and Sandy Campbell Wedding: 07/12/2013 Harrison Hot Springs Resort


Scott made our wedding event a grande success! He was reliable, prompt, funny and got everyone up and dancing. We had lots of fun with his wedding games, group dancing and he had everyone laughing and having a great night 🙂 I would highly recommend Scott, I was very impressed. ”

Courtney Worsley Wedding: 06/21/2013


Overall great experience! Very professional, played great music and had an awesome sense of humour. Definitely recommending this company to my engaged friends.                                                                                                           Dandelion Wedding: 05/16/2012


Scott knew how to size up a crowd and respond to their dancing needs all through the evening. I had many people comment on the quality of his performance and we were all extremely pleased.                                                   Fran – Morgan Creek Golf Club


Scott with Creative Dj Services was awesome!! We hired him for our March 23rd wedding at Floata and we are so glad we did. He has an amazing, powerful “radio” voice that captures everyone’s attention. He showed up early to set up, he played all the best songs that we asked, was very easy to work with and ensured that everyone at our wedding had a great time. We received tons of compliments on Scott’s work and have already had friends/family ask for his contact info. to DJ their future events as well. Scott was not only our DJ, but also helped as an MC for the night and he did a great job!!

Viet & Nu – Wedding March 23, 2013


WOW!!! That’s the one word I can think of to describe Scott and all his staff. They were SO professional and accomodating, they really seemed to understand what us brides are going through with the planning of our weddings and the amount of stress/pressure we are under. He went out of his way to help me with anything he could. He helped with all aspects of planning my reception. That alone made me so happy with his services but then when the day finally arrived and I saw how much fun EVERY one of my guests was having, from my niece who was my flower girl to my grandparents, they were all on the dance floor and smiling all night. I swear probably every person came up to me and told me how unique the games were, how much fun they had, and how my wedding stood out from all the others they had been to. I would DEFINITELY hire him in the future and recommend them to ANYONE!!

Sarah M    February 16, 2013


The party was a definite success and I have had very positive feedback regarding the music. The YMCA with our managers and employees was hilarious and a wonderful way to start the dancing for the evening. It was quite the topic of discussion on Monday morning! We were lucky enough to have one of the girls catch it on video on her camera. Not the best quality but you can tell we were having fun. (And I have forgiven you for dragging me up there too. Sincerely,

Coast Paper December 18


December 14, 2012

“It was great having Scott as our DJ for a Christmas Party. I found Scott by looking online, and loved what I read about his services. Once I meet with Scott in person, I knew I had picked the right person. Great energy and great ideas for a few difference games to be played…. Human Christmas tree…. You have to ask Scott. I can’t wait to set the date for next year’s holiday party so I can book with Scott again”

Lena Harris BMO

“Planning a company Christmas party can be hectic, so having Scott at our event was a huge benefit. He suggested and coordinated some hilarious games with props he provided and also helped with emceeing duties throughout the evening. Scott was a pleasure to work with and we would definitely recommend him.”

Karen, Madelise & Nazia, Maximizer Software Inc.


We have used Scott as our dj for our annual year end party for two years. He is an awesome dj, with a great sense of humour. His collection of music is great and the “games” he plays gets everyone into the spirit!! We will be booking him again for our party next year. I am sure he would not disappoint anyone who books him.

It was great working with Scott again this year for our corporate Christmas party. His expertise in the business, creativity in integrating fun games, upbeat energy and humour was a perfect fit for the fun, high-energy events we wanted to create. Scott is definitely not your ordinary DJ, he absolutely brings a flare and passion to what he does and is a master entertainer. Highly-recommended… Just not on the days of our events!.” Tuan Truong, Ebco Industries

Thanks again for coming through for us! Richmond Hospital loves you man!

Richmond Hospital I.C.U. nurses


Scott Barratt was an exceptional Master of Ceremonies for our “Believe in the Journey Kidney Fundraiser”.

His professionalism as well as his engaging personality set the tone for an exciting and extremely successful fundraising event.

Scott’s poise, sense of humour and captivating presence thoroughly entertained the audience ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Vickey Sahota

Director of “Believe in the Journey Kidney Fundraiser” October 2012


Can’t say enough good things about Creative DJ. They really made all the difference. When Scott got together with us he said that his goal was to make it enjoyable from the planning to our wedding itself and that’s what he did. He ran the show and everyone was coming up to us saying where did you get that dj he’s fantastic.

Tyler & Becky Kroeger


We are so glad that we booked Creative DJ Services for a surprise
Birthday party. Everything was beyond my expectation. Wonderful
entertainment! We would definitely use your services again and refer him to

Anita Jaswal – Surrey B.C. June 2/12

We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted for our wedding but we sure knew
what we DIDN’T want and that was the same crap that we’d seen at every other
wedding we’d been to. We are so glad that we found Creative DJ Services
because we really didn’t know how many companies we would have to talk to
before we found the right fit. We’d met with a few companies and they were
exactly what we DIDN’T want and we were getting discouraged until we talked
to Scott.

We knew right away that this was perfect for us. Of all of our
wedding vendors no one gave anything close to the service or services that
you’ll get from them. They came out to us so we wouldn’t waste time driving
all over, they put together a custom song for our first dance and gave us
the best wedding ever. I truly doubt that we will EVER see another wedding
as great as ours and it’s all thanks to them.

Al & Fiona Solly May 2012

When I saw that one of my all-time favorite Radio guys had
a DJ company and I could actually get him for my wedding I was totally
stoked. Right away I knew where we were going to book our DJ from. Are we
ever glad. Scott took over and you wouldn’t believe how involved they were.
He even as he says worked on our total thinking and attitude toward the
wedding. We’d never thought of it but he was right. He makes the experience
fun and stress-free and that includes all of the planning.

We never would have thought of ANY of the stuff that he
showed us. We were so excited after our meeting to plan things because from
that point on as he said we had a clear picture in our mind of our entire
wedding. Best of all we couldn’t wait for it to happen cause just like he
said, “That wedding was the best that we’d ever seen!”

Right from the start (Amy brought me in with my fishing rod
and a plastic hook in my mouth) we had the best time and so did our
friends. Everyone still is talking about what an amazing party and what an
amazing DJ. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! (PS please get back on the
radio it’s SO lame now no one is funny anymore ha ha)

Tyler and Amy Mcdonald – West Burnaby – May 26, 2012

I recommended that Creative DJ Services serve as the Host
and DJ of an episode of Oprah’s new series, Million Dollar Neighborhood and
as usual he did a stellar job. Smart, funny and friendly there is nobody
anywhere that delivers this level of service.

Annette MacArthur

Million Dollar Neighborhood host Bruce Sellery with Vancouver DJ Scott Barratt

Creative DJ Service’s Scott Barratt & Pam
with Oprah TV’s Million Dollar Neighborhood host Bruce Sellery

April 2012

This year’s show was the 3rd year in a row that we have
used Creative DJ Services to entertain the troops at their year end
Manager’s Symposiums. Once again our clients were delighted with the
results! They handled everything for the entire 3 days from hosting
sessions, to integrating team-building, to supplying and operating carnival
games, regaling the crowd with fabulous Karaoke and rocking a dance floor.
Scott always takes the clients expectations and looks for ways to do more
than is expected. I love it because that is one less thing to worry about as
I know they will do it right … every time.

Cris – Sonic Flower Entertainment


Once again this year (this will be their sixth year) we had
Creative DJ Services take care of all of the hosting and music requirements
at our B.C. Custom Car Show at Tradex in Abbotsford and as usual they went
over and beyond with their level of service. They managed to track down a
selection of vintage drag racing radio commercials that everyone loved!
Scott is one of the most knowledgeable racing historians and one of the
quickest witted comedians in the country so it makes for a skill-set that is
simply unmatched anywhere in the world as far as we know. He spent the 3 days
working with the greatest racer of all time Big Daddy Don Garlits and
brought out the best in Don. Bravo again for a job well done.

Richardt Scholtz – Show Owner – April 20 – 22 at Abbotsford Tradex

February 2012

My daughter Bernadette just recently got married to Matteo
Perrizolo on Feb 25th, 2012 at the Burnaby Lake Rowing Club.
I found Creative DJ Services and was immediately impressed
by company owner Scott Barratt and his presentation. His partner Brad did an
absolutely AMAZING job and kept the dance floor packed all night. They even
had some extra special little gimmicks that really livened up the evening. I
have to say it’s definitely the best wedding I’ve ever been to and certainly
the most fun. Everyone is still talking about how great Brad was and I can’t
possibly say enough good things about this company and the people that work
for them.

Joyce Tansey Langley, B.C.

Thanks for being our DJ we had so much fun and all of our
friends and family commented on how great you were! Everyone had a great
time and can’t stop talking about how fun our wedding was. Thank you!

Helen & Brad

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at our
wedding, we couldn’t have asked for more! We wanted a party and did we ever
get one! You kept everyone happy and the dance floor packed all night. We
have been recommending you to everyone we know. Thank You!

Rachael & Greg – Harrison Hot Springs Resort

To Scott & Chris – Thank you so much for contributing to
the success of our wedding celebration. People LOVED the music chris played
and had a wonderful time dancing into the night!

Chad & Larissa Rutquist

Dear Brad – Thank you so much for making our wedding
reception such a memorable one and so much fun! Love

Sasha & Pheroze Unwalla – Heritage Hall on Main Street in Vancouver

Thanks so much for doing such and awesome job. Your passion
for what you do shone through. You made our day so special and for that we
will forever be grateful. I’d recommend you to anyone! Thanks again,

Edio & Susan – Sept 6

Dear Scott – Thank you for all your hard work and being
part of our special day? Jack and I appreciate everything you have done.

Valerie & Jack JamesMay 30th, 2009

Dear Scott & Brad … Thank you for being a part of our
special day! The music was awesome … it was as if you had rummaged through
my Father’s record collection to select all of my childhood favorites. Thank
you so much!

Mr and Mrs Rob Peric.

“We were big fans when you were rockin’ on the Fox and are even bigger fans
after the job you did at our wedding. You kept the party going until closing
and had everybody dancing regardless of age.”

Al & Wendy Eyton

testimonial from Shannon & Andy
Thank you for an incredible presentation for our wedding. From our first meeting we were impressed with your upbeat, fun energy, your enthusiasm and your incredibly creative ideas. those unique ideas made our wedding day extra special and fun for everybody. You captured who we were and delivered
exactly the type of wedding we wanted, going way beyond what anyone could expect from a DJ Company.

You had everyone involved and people are still talking about how much fun they had! We are ecstatic to have had Creative DJ Services as our
entertainment provider and recommend you without reservation!

Andy & Shannon Popoff (Magnuson)