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Embracing Change with Your 2018 Wedding!

Our world is seeing changes occurring at an unheard of pace! This is filtering down into weddings as well and we are seeing many of the old wedding traditions being dumped in favour of new fresh ideas!

How about having Groomsladies and Bridesmen! More and more couples are celebrating the diversity of their friendships and families by flipping the switch on the typical wedding party and having both men and women on their side of the aisle for support. When you have Groomsladies and Bridesmen you also get to play with the latest fashion trends – will the women and men on both sides of the aisle wear the same dress but in different colours? Will the women on the groom’s side get to wear tuxedos? Will the men on the bride’s side wear coloured suits? The options are endless and for 2018 weddings we can’t wait to see how the wedding party evolves!


We’ve all been to traditional weddings where after nibbling on some passed hors d’oeuvres, you sit down for a plated meal of chicken or beef, feeling full and more in need of a nap than a full-on meal. If you and your guests are foodies then why not go all out on the food for your big day? In 2018, we’re seeing people choose buffets and food stations in place of traditional seated plated meals. Buffets and food stations are beneficial in that they let people have their pick of food and necessitates them moving around and sample different dishes while they mix and mingle with other wedding guests. Getting creative with your menu and providing a delicious meal for you and your guests is a 2018 wedding trend we are just salivating for!

Another catering trend that is set to be big in 2018 is the vegan menu. No longer intended to be a substitute the vegan menu is now taking over the spotlight as the main feature. With one in ten Millennials now choosing to be vegan or vegetarian it’s no surprise that couples are embracing the idea of a vegan – or partially vegan – menu.