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Greenery the Big Trend for 2018 Weddings!

Pantone, the authority on color, has named “greenery” the color of 2017. That means you’re about to see it everywhere, and weddings are certainly no exception. For those unaware, greenery is a vibrant, yellow-green color that feels lush, organic, and invigorating.

“It’s going to be the biggest trend you will see in 2017,” says Caitlin Maloney, a certified wedding planner based in Philadelphia. “Not only will this and other green tones be trending in color palettes, but lush foliage will be heavily used to evoke the sense of greenery.”

Maloney says that one of the easiest ways to incorporate greenery into your wedding is to exchange your vows outdoors. That may entail being enveloped under a canopy of weeping willows, or having your wedding take place at a lush garden or even a desert landscape that’s rich with cacti.

There are ways to add greenery to indoor weddings, as well.

“Greenery can easily be incorporated into the floral arrangements and design,” explains Maloney. “For example, we will continue to see hanging centerpieces with lush greenery, garlands of mostly greens along tables, and full green bouquets with little to no florals.”

Derrick Valenti, a wedding planner for the Warwick Allerton Hotel in Chicago suggests a lush greenery table runner.

“It suits almost any theme, including beachy, classic, country, or farmhouse,” he says. “It’s a great way to refresh your table decor and brings the table together. You can either place it with white linen for a romantic look or on top of a wood-grain table to keep with a rustic theme.”

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