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The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2018

Top Wedding Trends for 2018

Décor Trends

When it comes to décor there are still a variety of styles that you can go with and still be in tune with the latest trends. But let’s get something clear right from the start: at Creative DJ Services we counsel our clients to do what THEY like and what expresses THEIR person style as a couple.

We never lose sight that it is YOUR wedding and the only thing matters is that YOU love it!!

That being said we will still fill you in on the latest trends here and you can compare them with your own taste in wedding style and appearance.

The current trend involves both a romantic effect as well as combining various elements that are sometimes contrasting and sometimes complimentary. Feel free to combine rustic pieces like natural wood and wild-flower bouquets with glam or romantic accents to create a combo of bohemian-chic and country-chic.2018 wedding trends

The colour palette is going to be shifting further away from the pastels that have been so prevalent for a few years. You can expect a shift to bolder and more lustrous and warm colors such as royal purples, plum and smouldering deep reds. The accent will definitely be gold and metallic.

Candles are bigger than ever this year with people loving the romantic look of a candle-lit ceremony or accent candles bringing some warm golden light to the décor package.

Transparent Elements

When it comes to décor trends you can incorporate as much or as little as you would like and this is certainly true when it comes to anything transparent. You can choose a venue such as a greenhouse or a foyer location in a facility which offers a huge wall of window or you may decide to just add some small touches in your centerpieces or even clear acrylic invitations. This is especially attractive to couples with a more modern and perhaps minimalist sensibility.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have been popping up in a variety of places in wedding layouts for a few years now and their popularity is expected to continue and perhaps increase during the coming wedding season. One of the most prevalent uses has been in table décor.

We’ve had couples who have built their own but be forewarned they told us that it took copious hours to put together 100 or more of these geometric shapes although they were able to sell them on the wedding swap sites after the wedding.

Wedding Wreaths

Wedding wreaths are experiencing a big resurgence in popularity this year. If you’ve never been a big fan of sparkle these can be a nice embellishment and come in many different materials and textures. You will find wreaths popping up in weddings in every season and not just for Christmas weddings. It doesn’t matter what the wreath is made of and you can find them constructed from everything from a fine wispy grass to sturdy twigs and fragrant leaves. The wreath styling is also cropping up in wedding jewellery and stationary as well.
Smaller Guest Lists

Weddings are getting smaller as many people choose to go for a more intimate environment for their guests. (With the VERY welcome side effect of lower cost) With many of our clients this has had the added benefit of freeing up money for an extra or 2 that they weren’t able to afford under the original numbers of their wedding plan.

Groomsladies & Bridesmen

A fresh and long over-due trend in wedding parties is to can the old traditions and start with an entirely clean slate. Nothing says, “We’ve turfed the old and possibly antiquated wedding program than including Groomsladies and Bridesmen! Let’s face it we all live in a country that is now celebrating diversity and you can do the same thing at your reception by having both men and women on their side of the wedding party. (At one of our weddings we had not one … but TWO Best WoMen backing up the groom)

This also opens the door to some creative fun with the attire of the wedding party. Will the women and men on both sides of the aisle wear the same dress but in different colours? What about the Groomsladies will they be wearing tuxedos? You have to agree it certainly opens up your imagination and the possibilities are numerous and very, very dynamic!

No matter what trends you follow, your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner – what you love, and what makes you unique as a couple.


The doughnut trend is still mega-popular and doesn’t seem to be waning at all. When you really think about it the average person doesn’t attend all that many weddings on an annual basis so they probably haven’t even experienced a donut wall yet so it’s still fresh and besides who doesn’t love doughnuts?


Wider Variety of Cuisine

Your traditional 3-course plated meal is losing even more popularity as the cuisine options are growing exponentially. As food trucks have rolled onto the culinary landscape and are now increasingly finding their way into more and more weddings the flavour palette is expanding as well.

Everything from portable wood-fired pizzas to taco trucks to Korean-Mexican fusion to ceviche there are so many fresh takes on wedding cuisine that it boggles the mind and the taste-buds.

No matter what you trends you follow, your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner – what you love, and what makes you unique as a couple.