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The World’s Most Expensive Wedding?

Imagine spending $8.4 million on a wedding—which was held inside a huge palace, and featured one million flowers. 

The two tied the knot at Blenheim Palace in England (birthplace of Winston Churchill) this weekend and with an estimated cost of $8.4 million, it was a far cry from the average summer wedding.

The palace is the ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill and was kitted out with one million white roses, a lavish cake decorated with hundreds of ornate white roses and even hosted pop star Robin Thicke at an estimated cost of $250,000.

Wedding planners believe the venue was exclusively hired at a cost of $250,000 with the bespoke marquee and bespoke marble floor with their initials etched in gold costing around $335,000 on top of the facility fee.

According to the venue’s website, the cost of hiring the whole venue is on application but hiring just the palace and state rooms costs $41,000.

The beautiful flowers were the work of Jeff Leatham, who is known for his elaborate decorating of the Kardashian’s homes.


Bringing over 30 staff members to the UK for the ceremony, Jeff adorned every inch of the venue with copious amounts of roses and white orchids.

Jeff, who can command up to $350,000 for flowers, has worked for Madonna, Oprah and Tina Turner. He was also the man behind the flowers at Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding.

Guests were also treated to a surprise performance from Blurred Lines singer, Robin Thicke, who reportedly costs around $250,000 to hire and would have been flown over from the US, as well as a magnificent firework display in the hotel grounds later in the evening.

Folarin’s new wife, who is said to have once dated Rob Kardashian, studied Bio-engineering and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Manchester, has a graduate Diploma in Law and has also worked as a model and marketing consultant