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Tricks to Save Money on Wedding Flowers!

When crafting the mental vision of your wedding décor it would be really helpful to know the approximate pricing on the various options. The fact is that not everything is going to give you the same bang for your buck. One of the more expensive items in any standard wedding décor package is the flowers. This could be one of the main reasons as to why so many brides have gravitated to alternative ideas for their centerpieces over the years.

Paper Flowers can be a dynamic wedding centerpiece

The vast majority of the brides that we work with limit their flowers to the bouquets and then choose one of the vast array of flower alternatives that are available for the centerpieces. There so many wonderful centerpiece options to choose from ranging from massive bouquets of gaily coloured paper flowers to bouquets of large Japanese styled paper balls.

Some brides have even gone the total DIY route right down to the sourcing of the material. They have made an adventure of heading out into the woods during the winter with a pair of snips and returning like a successful décor hunter with a collection of barren branches that they have foraged.

Branches that you have foraged for can make a stunning centerpiece for your wedding


These branches can then either be spray-painted white, gold or silver or even left au naturel if you’d prefer. When mounted in a vase that will function as their centerpiece.

This has a very dramatic effect and is especially wonderful if you have a large room and/or high ceilings as you can make the centerpieces 3 feet tall or more if you’d like.

A great option is to choose a clear vase filled with glass pebbles and perching it atop a simple LED light ring. (Very cheap and easy to find) The subtle glow of the LED lights is very inviting, shows off the branches and attracts your eye to the center of the table.

When making your own twig based wedding centerpiece you can go as large as you’d like

You can also make these centerpieces much larger than you could probably afford if you were using flowers and that way you will have a much more dramatic result. (Let’s face it a 3 foot floral centerpiece is going to set you back at least a few hundred dollars per table. If you are staging a winter wedding you can use a blue LED ring which will then give the centerpiece a lustrous and icy winter wonderland effect.

If you have your heart set on a floral motif don’t overlook the possibility of using artificial flowers. Before you start screaming about “fake flowers” let me say that the quality of artificial flowers has improved immensely over the years and the good quality stems look pretty well identical to the real thing

Many surveys have been completed asking wedding guests if they consider artificial flowers at a wedding to be tacky and the overwhelming response has been NO!

You can rent them from bridal décor shops, buy them from a newly married bride on Craigslist or buy them from décor shops and online merchants. Like anything the prices vary so shop and compare and remember you Like anything the prices vary so shop and compare and remember you can always resell them after your nuptials or perhaps keep some for your home decorating needs.

Artificial flowers have come a long way and you can buy them or rent them at less than half the priceshops and online merchants. 

That way if you manage to latch onto some used stems you can probably sell them on Craigslist after the wedding and come out even so that way you’ll be using them for free.

For the bouquets many brides are using the fake flowers with great success. I think that if you were going to use real flowers for only one thing it would be your bridal bouquet as it will be in a ton of your pictures.

If you decide to go with real flowers there are ways to further cut down on the cost. One way is to use more affordable lookalikes to replace their more expensive cousins. An example is to use peonies instead of roses. Keep an open-mind as you may not be aware of new developments and it could be that a flower you never used to care for has actually been bred into something that you love.

Look for a florist that has lots of great reviews and ask them for a price list so you can investigate some of the more affordable stems. You may just love them and decide to use them.

Fake flowers have come a long way and are a great way to save money on your wedding decor

Another good trick is to go with a bouquet or centerpiece design that uses only 2 stems. This allows your florist to buy in bulk which could end up saving you big bucks. The basic rule of design would tell you to stick with flowers that are in a similar or complimentary color palette and/or in a similar shape.

Here are a few of the more common wedding stems separated according to price:
$ – dahlias daisies, chrysanthemum, cosmos,
$$ – calla lilies, stephanotis, lisianthus roses, anemones, tulips, ranunculus, hydrangea,
$$$ – peonies, orchids, lily of the valley